Retired trainer, and writing instructor, Joe Novara lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Writings include novels, short stories, a memoir and various poems, plays, anthologies and articles. Seven of his young adult novels are accessible through He also maintains a web/blog titled, Writing for Homeschooled Boys His latest novel, Come Saturday…Come Sunday, (Cawing Crow Press, 2016) is available through Amazon. A collection of five novellae, Pinata Belly and other tales of later love (Gypsy Shadow Press). Frequent 400-word contributions appear in a blog,, for folks over 50.


  • Pinata Belly and other tales of later love
  • After 25,000 Masses, Gypsy Shadow Press
  • I’m Here, Gypsy Shadow Press, 2018
  • Nine YA eNovels, Story Shares,
  • Come Saturday Come Sunday, novel, Cawing Crow Press, 2016, (Amazon)
  • Whole Hearted Prayer, Baby Watch, Colere, A Journal of Cultural Exploration, 2016
  • Dancing with the Bears, 10 minute play, Phoenix Stage Company Festival, June 2015
  • Dying in the Pulpit, memoir excerpt, Let the Clock Run Wild, Wit and Wisdom from Boomers, Generation Books, 2014
  • Wholehearted Prayer, short story, Evening Street Review, Spring, 2013
  • Sky Road, Who Will Cherish the Beads, Before I was Born, poems for The Traveling Poets Society, 2013
  • My Two Years in the Priest Corps, abridged memoir, Turns, Telling Our Stories Press, 2012
  • And Then, short story, Uncle John’s Flush Fiction, 2012
  • Sicilian Talker, poem, Fiele-Festa, Spring 2010
  • Wa-Tonka…Camp Cowboys, Pelican Publishing, January, 2006, MG novel
  • Let It Rest, short story in an anthology for Adam’s Media, 2006
  • Sixteen Last Laugh articles for Mother Earth News, (1997-2001)
  • From My Side of the Fence…a horsehusband’s point of view, collection of published short stories, Syncopated Press, 2000
  • Six articles for Horse and Rider, (1999-2002)