Retired trainer, and writing instructor, Joe Novara and his wife live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Writings include novels, short stories, a memoir and various poems, plays, anthologies and articles. Seven of his young adult novels are accessible through He also maintains a web/blog titled, Writing for Homeschooled Boys His latest novel, Come Saturday…Come Sunday, (Cawing Crow Press, 2016) is available through Amazon. An eBook novella, I’m Here, (Gypsy Shadow Press, 2018) is available at:


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After 25,000 Masses


  • After 25,000 Masses, Gypsy Shadow Press
  • I’m Here, Gypsy Shadow Press, 2018
  • Nine YA eNovels, Story Shares,
  • Come Saturday Come Sunday, novel, Cawing Crow Press, 2016, (Amazon)
  • Whole Hearted Prayer, Baby Watch, Colere, A Journal of Cultural Exploration, 2016
  • Dancing with the Bears, 10 minute play, Phoenix Stage Company Festival, June 2015
  • Dying in the Pulpit, memoir excerpt, Let the Clock Run Wild, Wit and Wisdom from Boomers, Generation Books, 2014
  • Wholehearted Prayer, short story, Evening Street Review, Spring, 2013
  • Sky Road, Who Will Cherish the Beads, Before I was Born, poems for The Traveling Poets Society, 2013
  • My Two Years in the Priest Corps, abridged memoir, Turns, Telling Our Stories Press, 2012
  • And Then, short story, Uncle John’s Flush Fiction, 2012
  • Sicilian Talker, poem, Fiele-Festa, Spring 2010
  • Wa-Tonka…Camp Cowboys, Pelican Publishing, January, 2006, MG novel
  • Let It Rest, short story in an anthology for Adam’s Media, 2006
  • Sixteen Last Laugh articles for Mother Earth News, (1997-2001)
  • From My Side of the Fence…a horsehusband’s point of view, collection of published short stories, Syncopated Press, 2000
  • Six articles for Horse and Rider, (1999-2002)