Elena, Then and Now

Olive pit rosaries, crucifixes, statues of Mary and Jesus filled the storefront window and apparently my grandson’s eyes. We had just visited the Pontifical Gregorian University and were headed to the Trevi Fountain when Marco paused to study the religious goods on display. “Sometimes, between classes,” I explained, “I would come here to order a … Continue reading Elena, Then and Now

The PC Dance

I was in fifth grade in a catholic school taught by Polish nuns in an Italian enclave in Detroit. Ages ago. Before Political Correctness was a thing. My teacher, Sister Anuncia, on what must have been a random impulse decided to ask our thirteen-year old classmate, who had been ‘held-back’ three times, a touchy diversity … Continue reading The PC Dance

Full Cycle

My granddaughter, Ella, had a friend over. “Let’s play house,” she said. “You be my next-door neighbor and I’ll make us some coffee.” I peeked over the book I was reading and watched her arrange her pink, mini tea set and pour imaginary cups of coffee. Her friend sampled a pretend cookie. “These are so … Continue reading Full Cycle

Between Two Pools

They told me not to travel to Tamasopo. Well not exactly, ‘said’. But I could feel it. I was a college-aged, exchange-student, 1961, living in Mexico City as a guest of a wealthy industrialist in Lomas de Chapultepec, a very exclusive enclave. I read my host’s displeasure in tightened eyes and clenched lips as he … Continue reading Between Two Pools