bookPiñata Belly And Other Tales of Later Love is a collection of five stories of later love.

I’m Here is a fast-moving tale about the slow-down of aging and the freedom of choosing where to sleep and with whom.

After 25,000 Masses: A 72-year old priest decides to leave more than his parish when he retires. A woman who admired him as her high school chaplain opens him to loving one person after a lifetime of loving everyone.

Pinata Belly has a retired black high school teacher and an ex-pat Southern Belle running a B/B in the Guatemala Highlands.

Vito’s Tale, is one immigrant’s version of the American Dream that saw this country as a means to make enough money to return to the ‘real world’ of his motherland while pushing one of his sons into upward mobility before pursuing late love in ‘the old country.’

Cagalupo Redux: Nick Finazzo, a roving freelance writer, spots Carol walking a Lake Michigan beach a long way and a lifetime from their early years in Detroit’s Eastside-their adolescent attraction, friends in common and now disparate life styles-her Lake Michigan mansion, his live-in van. Can they start over?

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After rescuing her Mexican snorkeling guide, Emily is drawn into his intriguing bachelor world. The Army nurse in her responds to the wounded man. The grieving widow in her is cautiously ‘getting out there’ until a traumatic episode from Ramon’s celibate past disrupts their budding relationship. Emily allows time, space and a return to Lake Michigan to heal Ramon’s scars and open him to love.

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This ‘coming-of-old-age’ eBook is about three unattached men and the women who grace their lives. Tre, a creative writing professor and retirement home resident, connects with Marjorie, his former non-traditional student. A childhood buddy, Sal, stuck in ‘the home’ as well, finds a way to escape institutional living and hooks up with Bernice, a long-time neighbor who welcomes him into her home and life. Vinnie, soft-spoken carpenter, life-long bachelor, happens upon Tre’s ex-wife and the startling joys of relationship. What do the women in this elder romance see in these men…can they count on them to be there for them?

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After 25,000 Masses is a sequel to I’m Here, published by GSP in October of 2018, and is the story of a retired priest who sets out to free himself from the constraints and bonds of his lifelong vocation. Fr. McRae decides that he has done a good job of being a priest and can now, in good conscience, step away from the calling and all of its demands. Open to new possibilities, he goes on an Elder Tour where one of his fellow travelers turns out to be a woman who knew him as the school chaplain when she was a senior in high school. It takes Bernice a while to recognize Fr. Tim and, given her boredom at being the only unattached woman on the tour, takes her time teasing him into acknowledging his former life which in turn means admitting to her girlish ‘crush’ on him. The story soon moves beyond their improbable early connection to the exhilarating possibilities of elder love.

Follow the characters we met in Come Saturday…Come Sunday and I’m Here. 

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