a widow completes her grieving in Costa Rica Im trudging up a steep incline through driving mist on the slope to a volcano. Didn't bring warm clothes. My daughters said it would be warm in Costa Rica. Sunny. That I should get away from winter…especially now. I shiver. Who knew? Our driver said it was … Continue reading Fresas

Homeschooled Humor

This short-short story, posted this summer, bears repeating for the Christmas joke you might want to share at holiday gatherings... “Hey, Rube, look at that man burning leaves," I said, squatting to my son’s eye level and pointing to the fire that almost singed an above-ground swimming pool. “What’s wrong with this picture?” My claim … Continue reading Homeschooled Humor


A distant neighbor right across the street I have a neighbor across the road whom I have never met…exactly. He moved in this past spring, alone, as I am. But he’s still working. At least I presume that what he does when he pulls his dually F 150 out the drive and down our rutted … Continue reading Cal