Another Nun?

Paul lay on the beach in a sun-baked half-doze. Lake Michigan could do that to him. His way to center himself and lose himself at the same time, if that made sense, in the purling waves pulsing toward him from beyond the horizon.  For thirty-some years his wife and children had come, every summer weekend, … Continue reading Another Nun?

Between Two Pools

They told me not to travel to Tamasopo. Well not exactly, ‘said’. But I could feel it. I was a college-aged, exchange-student, 1961, living in Mexico City as a guest of a wealthy industrialist in Lomas de Chapultepec, a very exclusive enclave. I read my host’s displeasure in tightened eyes and clenched lips as he … Continue reading Between Two Pools

Professional Tells

You can’t work at a profession all your life and not carry over some telling behavioral traits into retirement. I like to observe elder folk, like me, and try to guess their earlier career—a version of the old TV show: ‘What’s my line?’ but instead ‘What was my line?’ For example: I was in a … Continue reading Professional Tells