Speedy Old Age

a very short sketch about how old, other people can seem I could see the backs of the elderly couple in the Burger King booth. Side by side, they plowed into huge burgers and supersized fries. The man wore jeans, his shoulders not quite fleshing out the grampa-plaid flannel shirt. The woman had cocker spaniel-curled, … Continue reading Speedy Old Age

Alone Again

A gay man and a gay woman try ‘playing house’ in Alone Again.  The sailboat powers its way along the Black River to Lake Michigan past the flatulent moan of the lighthouse and out into the foggy deep. Not bad, he thought, flatulent moan. I’ll have to use that in one of my stories. Jeff … Continue reading Alone Again

The Bromance Killer

A ‘Sam Spade’ PI helps a client discover why he lost his best friend…or why writers need boundaries  I finish counting the paper clips for the third time and stare at the lettering on my glass door. ETAVIRP ROTAGITSEVNI The letters are cracking. More expense. Then a shadow pauses outside.  A big man. I slide … Continue reading The Bromance Killer