Lip Reading

a sketch about pitching life-markers Jacob watched as her mouth crinkled into a full-lipped pout. He had always liked her lips. They must have given major delight to the men in her life. Maxine. He was never one of the men. Not one of the lip-sharing men, anyhow. He and Max were ‘buds’. Work buddies. … Continue reading Lip Reading

Minding Carmen Rivera

when supervision gets personal They arrived at the door to the courtyard at the same time. “Where’re you heading?” Jared asked. “Sandwich Express,” Carmen replied, offering an apologetic shrug. Because he managed twenty-two women in a customer service department, Jared had to beware of singling out any particular one. He would, however, allow a one-off, … Continue reading Minding Carmen Rivera

Throw Money

A few recent thoughts triggered by Joe Biden's problems At my age I don’t have many “Aha!” moments anymore. Like the time when I was ten and my mom came home from the hospital with my new sister and I asked her how the operation went. My mom gave me an ‘Ahem’ look.  It was … Continue reading Throw Money