Moose in the Road

I spotted Kirsten, finally, in the cafeteria line. She was between two nurses wearing the neonatal uniform of blue scrubs, face masks under their chins, stethoscopes draping their necks. As an aide in the department, Kirsten wore street clothes and a lab coat. I watched her smile and chat for a second with her mother, … Continue reading Moose in the Road

Rupuze…a fairy tale

(ROOP-uh-zha) Lithuanian for ‘frog’ and what you might call a person you didn’t like very much…including yourself). Once there was a handsome young man who lived high in the mountains next to a sky-blue lake. Every single day, starting with the first day the ice melted in the Spring until the last leaf fell in … Continue reading Rupuze…a fairy tale

Novels Are Safer

can a husband and wife over-share? Marjorie noticed the white running shoes on a four-year old boy following a man, likely his father, out of the restaurant. In the parking lot, she spotted the same man handing over a car seat from his shiny black Tundra along with the boy to a woman who hugged … Continue reading Novels Are Safer