Vito’s Tale

One immigrant’s version of the American Dream that saw this country as a means to make enough money to return to the ‘real world’ of his motherland while pushing one of his sons into upward mobility.   1914, Tyrol Hunkered under the artillery barrage bracketing no-man’s land, Vito didn’t hear the shell before it hit. … Continue reading Vito’s Tale

Landlocked Cabin

Some writers write from the seat of their pants, others are plotters. This guy is a ‘pantser’ My buddy said I could stay in his landlocked cabin to work on my story. I needed to do something. I was stalled. Uninspired. And I had heard that great writers, like hermits of old, would have private, … Continue reading Landlocked Cabin

Three Short Sketches

Can you see a longer story coming from any of these? Hilton Head Invite  “I think when you’re kids, you’re less…defined? Then you get older and you start deciding what kind of person you want to be, and it doesn’t always match up with what your friends are turning into.” Tana French I was sipping … Continue reading Three Short Sketches