Listening to Wood

This week's groaner for Mother Earth News. An elder chooses to age gracefully. You’ve heard of Whistler’s Mother? Well, if I had painted a picture of my mother they would have called it Whittler’s Mother, because I like to whittle. Some folks whittle just to have something to do with their hands—a man’s version of … Continue reading Listening to Wood

Fun Gus

A while back, I wrote a number of send-up/humorous stories that were published in various magazines including Mother Earth News (yes they used to have a sense of humor in the midst of practical environmental articles) Horse and Rider, Crayola Kids, Horse Illustrated and Reader’s Digest among others. I intend, for the next while, to … Continue reading Fun Gus

Landlocked Lake

After their adventures in Moose in the Road, Ariel, Finca Verde, and thirty years of marriage, Mike and Kirsten reach another landmark.  Do they live happily ever after from here or do you have some suggestions on what could happen next? I hadn’t been back in the hospital since they downsized me and outsourced my … Continue reading Landlocked Lake