The Cabin

A getaway for secret fantasies and cairns He loved going out to The Cabin. That’s what he called his landlocked ten acres snugged between the back of a home on CR 306 and a circling cornfield. It was his getaway place. It took a narrow trail to get to the hill where he had built … Continue reading The Cabin

Diego’s Place

  Set in sunny Mexico, Diego’s Place, is a good story for this time of year. It’s basically an epilogue to my novel Come Saturday, Come Sunday which you can find on this site under Other Books. CONSUELA Oye, Pilar. I know you’re here. Well, I feel you around, anyhow. Can’t help it. I come out … Continue reading Diego’s Place

Fiction and Faith

Some thoughts on why writers write and readers read Most novels pivot on the premise that ‘good conquers evil’ and offer the reader affirmation in that belief. After all, isn’t that the foundation of a happy-ending story in which an evil blankety-blank is finally overcome and gets just desserts? And doesn’t that comport with a … Continue reading Fiction and Faith