I No Killa Nobody

The phone rings at the rectory. Fr. Cuomo: Good afternoon. St. Peter’s. Mrs. Cuomo: Franky, how you doing? Fr. Cuomo: Ma, when you call me Franky I know you want something. Mrs. Cuomo: What? You want me to call my son the Reverend Father Francis Cuomo? Fr. Cuomo: What’s up? Mrs. Cuomo: My cousin Tony… … Continue reading I No Killa Nobody


I’ve seen her walk by my beach lately. Probably a neighbor. Not many Lake Michigan regulars after Labor Day. She looks like Barbie would look, thirty-five years later, with a little extra ballast to counterweight her formidable bowsprit. I don’t know if you believe me or not, but I’m not a dirty old man. I … Continue reading Barbie+

The Trailing Parent

Supporting a child's dreams? I’m chilled. The rink is never warm. Even though I bundle up with thermals and fleece and down jackets, I’m always cold just sitting here in the penetrating cold. But Carly in her tights and workout dress looks perfectly comfortable. Why shouldn’t she? She’s been doing warm ups for twenty minutes … Continue reading The Trailing Parent