Humor Consultant

all stories are true and some of them actually happened I used to work for a major pharmaceutical company—in purchasing actually. But over years of coffee breaks and lunches I developed a rep for joke telling—longer anecdotes at the table; quick one-liners in the hallways and elevators. And eventually I had managers and department heads … Continue reading Humor Consultant

Beyond Words

The respirator pulsed with the trip-hammer rhythm of a base drummer pounding thoughts out of my head. Just as well. What is there to think about at this stage? Or to talk about, as if I could, masked as I am. My wife squeezes my hand. Sandra doesn’t need words from me, as we sit … Continue reading Beyond Words

Cheeky Birds

Florida. Anna Maria Island. Knee deep in the chilly water, I wade out to fling a line into the deep blue. I’m alone in the elements. There are no swimmers. Not in 55degree water. But for someone used to Lake Michigan, who when asked, “How’s the water?” answers either, “It hurts” or “It doesn’t hurt”…Tampa … Continue reading Cheeky Birds

Wood’n Words

I felt the need to make something, not sure what, but out of wood. I was tired of words, words, words, teaching English 101 and all the grammar, topic sentences, definitions and spelling. If I was a beaver, I would say, I needed something to sink my teeth into. So, I went to the lumber … Continue reading Wood’n Words