Two poems in the heart of winter

No Time for Egrets

The egret trailed

a veil of bridal-white feathers

as it eased delicate

double-jointed steps

toward the bait

in my bucket

on the beach

on the Gulf

I waved my rod at it


It moved three unhurried steps

with the grace of a dancer

to the adagio count

of an unheard beat

but then was back

and back again


I’ve got my own song

stuck in my head

‘any time now’

‘any time from now’

don’t need your reminder

of looming


pesky losses


I’ve still got a line in the water

Knitting the Waves

An offshore breeze

wrinkled and rolled the Gulf

into running waves

chasing each other

to finally break into frothing foam

around my shins

while a pair of slick grey dolphins

shiny and thick


lift, knit and purl

to a beat that pulls them along



inviting me to find

my centering pulse

my quiet place

in a roiling sea

5 thoughts on “From the Shore of Anna Maria Island

  1. Joe, I am missing my Snowbird time in Florida but your poems transport me there and evoke memories of sunny warmth, the smell and sounds of the roiling Gulf And the life that Inhabits the Gulf shore. Thanks for taking me to the beach.


  2. Yes to all the others. Thanks. Our below zero weather here had me see and help warm a nearly frozen, barely alive white-wing dove. While it was warming in my home its mate outside was crying, a sound I’ve never heard before.


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